How To: Know the basics of building a kite

Know the basics of building a kite

The video is about the basics of building a kite. The wind takes up the kite up. The first is a slate kite. A stable kite capable of flying in very light winds. The wind lifts the kite. The lift acts against the gravity. The tension on the string resists the drag by the wind. To construct such a kite, you need a plastic bag, scissors, some string, sticks. The dimensions are important. It need 45 cms length and 50 cms width in a specific dimension. The all project can be found in website To make the kite, first take a sheet of 45X25 cms dimension. Mark 12.5 cms on the wide part of the sheet. Mark 12.5 & 25 cms on the length parts. Cut the sheet from the marked portions. Then make another piece following the same steps. Join them together. Add strength to it, by placing sticks. Attach string to it. The kite is ready.

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